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Henry Vercauteren

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Henry Vercauteren is an experienced decorator known for his unique and non-mainstream designs. With his creative vision, he transforms each project into something special. He always starts with a tabula rasa, a blank canvas, which he carefully fills based on client feedback. This approach allows him to create customized and personal interiors that perfectly match the desires and needs of his clients. His innovative method and attention to detail make Henry Vercauteren the ideal choice for those seeking something a bit different in decoration.

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My Story

My name is Henry Vercauteren, and I was born in 1965. I began my career in 1991 in the field of antiques and decoration. Passionate about the history of objects and design, I opened a boutique in the heart of Ghent, where I managed to attract the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors of unique pieces.

Over the years, I refined my expertise and specialized in exclusive decorative items. For the past ten years, I have chosen to work exclusively by appointment, offering a personalized and bespoke service to a loyal clientele.

With a keen eye for beauty and authenticity, I continue to make my mark in the world of antiques with my unparalleled sense of style and elegance.


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