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Ter Crombrugghe
A Timeless Gem
Historical heritage site with luxury accommodation, located in Merelbeke, only 7 km from the historic center of Ghent.




This historic castle, presumably built between 1444 and 1625, may have replaced an older motte tower. Surrounded by a wide rectangular moat, the circular main courtyard invites you to embark on a journey through time. The now-vanished outer courtyard, identifiable only by the preserved moats, was intersected by a stately beech avenue in 1785. The current castle farm lies south of the former outer courtyard.



Ter Crombrugghe originates from an older agricultural establishment of the Ghent Saint Peter's Abbey. After a donation in 964 by Count Arnulf the Elder, an abbey farm was established here. Before that, there was likely a castellum for defense against the Normans. In 1241, the fiefdom of Ter Crombrugghe was divided, splitting off the 'Hof ten Hove'. This site, also known as the vanished Spookhofhoeve, was possibly the location of the original castellum. Over the centuries, it evolved from the residence of the bailiff to a farm that was still owned by the abbey in 1782. After expansions, it became a moated estate with an outer courtyard in a beautiful park. Recent excavation work uncovered foundations of an old drawbridge.



Archictectural Splendor

The current castle, with its simple rectangular layout, probably dates from the mid-18th century and has since undergone minor changes. This double house features two floors and seven bays under an elegantly hipped gable roof. The front facade, partly covered with ivy, exudes classical charm with pink-painted bricks and a cemented plinth. The three central bays are crowned by a gable with a triangular pediment, oculus, and ornamental vase. The windows, featuring stone sills and decorative frames, enhance the stately appearance. The garden facade, slightly modified in the 19th century, offers a breathtaking view with rectangular windows and central door windows behind an elegant balustrade.



Experience the timeless charm and luxury of

Ter Crombrugge, offering exclusive accommodations for both short and long stays. Live in a historic domain or its outbuildings and enjoy a unique, noble residence.

Choose from fully furnished apartments to spacious cottages, with various options available to meet your needs.

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